Real estate, properties, houses, flats for sale in Ben Luc District, Long An

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1 0 0 480 million VND
Duong DT 835B, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 100 m2
- I have 2 ground adjacent to the SHR need to sell urgently. Area of ​​each floor is 100m2. -The land is located in Phuoc Van commune, Ben Luc district, Long An province. At the foot of Ba Dac bridge. Existing residential and business bustle. Suitable for living, housing or for rent and business
Publish Date: 28/03/2018
1 0 0 789 million VND
Duc Hoa Dong, Tan Hoa Ward, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 138 m2
Location: Located on Nguyen Huu Tri street. Children's Hospital 3 - 5 minutes by motorbike. Neighborhood market buffer Binh Chanh, road in front of the house 16m. Accommodation here the household has a motel room for 1 month
Publish Date: 21/03/2018
Trần Vĩnh
1 0 1 920 million VND
Quoc Lo 1A, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 80 m2
- Location near market, school, industrial park near National Highway 1A convenient to trade or rent rooms. - Land owner, land area 5x 21, has a red book. Price 920 million (negotiable).
Publish Date: 21/03/2018
Dương Nguyên
5 0 0 420 million VND
Huong lo 10, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 100 m2
Location: Located in front of DT 833B 20m, in the traditional market, adjacent to Singapore Light Industrial Park: Thuan Dao Industrial Park, Phuc Long Industrial Park. - Area of ​​5x20m. pink private permanently, free construction, including public name
Publish Date: 20/03/2018
6 0 0 300 million VND
Phan Van Mang, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 100 m2
Phuc Giang is located in front of Phan Van Mang Street, connects directly to National Highway 1A, Ring Road 3, Belong 4, Ben Luc - Long Thanh, Metro 3A, Saigon - Can Tho. The large industrial park has over 50 thousand workers
Publish Date: 16/03/2018
Bảo An
2 0 0 650 million VND
Duong DT 830, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 100 m2
My family needs to sell two lots of land adjacent to the road 833B.DT: 5x20m, 5x24m ... Make sure the market always go to the market walk. Price: 650 million to notarized name in the day. 3 frontage: MT 833B - MT market, river
Publish Date: 13/03/2018
2 0 0 420 million VND
Nguyen Trung Truc, Ben Luc District, Long An
3 2 100 m2
Need money I need to go back to the 2 rows of Rayong hotel, 10 minutes from Binh Chanh Market. Price is 850tr / 100m2. SHR clear documents ... buy to name quickly Give a gold tree for goodwill. Because of work, only lead to watch T5 vs Sun nhé. Who cares
Publish Date: 10/03/2018
1 0 0 673.2 million VND
My Yen – Tan Buu, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 99 m2
The capital to sell land near the Tan Tan, legal clarity, pink book. Beautiful land, cool air, river view. Suitable for living, resort, investment. Near market, company, large enterprise, ubnd, medical station, ... The center of the city nearly 1km.
Publish Date: 31/01/2018
Ngọc Trân
1 0 0 643.5 million VND
My Yen – Tan Buu, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 100 m2
Sale of land for rent. Land area: 100m2, built freely. Nice location, good direction, cool, river view. 10m frontage market. Buffer market, Binh Chanh market, industrial zones, big port of Ben Luc.From convenient to Highway 1A, high speed
Publish Date: 29/01/2018
Ngọc Trân
1 0 0 270 million VND
Duong DT 835, Ben Luc District, Long An
0 0 100 m2
One of the ground floor with 1 floor, dt 4,5 x 24m: 850 best price today, 60% maximum support time, maximum 25 years 3 bedrooms, worship room, 2 toilets, 1 living room, kitchen ! Xd separately, allowed to change the design, drawing book pink
Publish Date: 23/01/2018